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Hi there we are CPL a global clan on Halo: Reach and MW3. Are clan recor is 39-7 and we focus mainly on SWAT for battles. To join you will have to talk to the leader, or B1urp1e for recruitment. You have to answer a 5 question form, face soul then we decide and let you know later. If you pass, the leader takes  you to the recruitment map and you are in. Are clan is very loyal, respectful, and teamworkness. So please join todAy if you read this we are on PS3 Network ad XBOX Live.

Allies :


recruit/corporal 0 prestiege- 

Private 100 prestiege CapturedComa0, DE4DYxM3XICAN, FlakaMan713,  BinnyBoo9, Flipp33, I ATE A BANANA1, Tom Jabs, XL100rdshawty, IANMAXLAILLI

Sergeant 1000 prestiege xXCPLWarhawkXx, Softcore FFA, I The DON I, packvsspooky, INFIRNO, M14M1 H34T6, slayer k1ing5, BanN5ish, EarthMover2011

Master Sergeant 2000 prestiege- JelliedSun3, , XxCrAzYxArAb1An, goatHead, CoMpleTePowNaGe, CrIZZpyToeNAiL, hitman2598, AIR23xJORDAN

Sergeant Major 3500 prestiege- JONATHON WP, y ur dth cuz me, Impecccable Shots, ALG Fatbum, XxIndianaReaper, inyourfacejack, RookieKiller12

Warrant Officer 5000 prestiege-Blurrster, FudgeTacular1, juggernaut615, CPLxHollister, goatHead, tommyboy19

Second Lieutenant 6000 prestige- CPLxNoRemorse, QwKz x Drizzy, ToxicFang277

First Lieutenant 7000 prestiege- MyHouseMyMusic, RevolTechMaster

Captain 8500 prestiege, CPLxNURV, Blurrster

Colonel 10000 prestiege- Maoman,

 Brigaider 15000- prestiege-  Tahir Mehmood, Karl44577, B1uRp1e, HEROIC NYKO

Major General/co leaders 50000 prestiege- the Epic f00l, CPLxPredatorXx,  xXEAGLESTRIKE19, CPLxR0BsKiLL

General of the clan-*CPLxSoulreaper*

Do clan battles and participate to get ranked up. :)

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